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Ironman 70.3 Worlds... (part 1)

I have been reflecting on and reliving our trip to Las Vegas, NV for the past couple of weeks, wondering how I should summarize the experience of Ironman 70.3 World Championships.  Many words come to mind ranging from overwhelming, to fear stricken, frustrating, inspiring, happy, and of course, hot!  Because these words vary so much in their range of meaning and emotion, I decided to make this summary be broken down into a couple of chapters, describing the race from my eyes, thoughts and emotions.
We arrived in Vegas Friday morning.  It was easy to pick out people who came to town for the race rather than gambling and show seekers.  For one, many toted large bike boxes and aero helmets dangling from the carry-on bag.  Aside from their super-fit physique, the guys had smooth, shaved legs and very defined calves.  We hopped on the bus to take us to our rental car.  Another athlete sat down across from us.  We learned that she was here from Brazil, doing the 1/2 World Cham…