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XTERRA World Championships 2015

Ever have one of those races (or even seasons of life) where it takes stepping back months after to fully reflect on it, learn from it, and fully appreciate the experience? The XTERRA World Championships this past November 1st in Maui was such a race to me. Up until this point, I had been living an unexpected dream-come-true season, winning both the XTERRA Mountain Regional Champion award and my age group at the XTERRA National Championship at Snowbasin Resort in Ogden, Utah. My goals were high for Worlds even though I was a first timer on the course. Moving to Colorado from Georgia last fall, Dave and I were new to the off-road triathlon scene in the Rockies but felt that if we could hold our own with the competition out here, the World stage couldn't be too much tougher. Racing XTERRA Lory in June helped me realize that I could hold my own against Colorado off-road triathletes (honestly, I have been so intimidated by the caliber of athletes out here -at every race, either a pro…