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Race Time... or should I say, Play Time

I have been in a racing funk for a few months now.  The results don't reflect it, lucky for me, but the passion in training has just not been there.  I think this year I have been coming down off the high of last year's 1/2 Ironman, in Augusta, GA.  I had such a big goal, not only to complete the race, but in doing it I was raising money and dedicating the race to my daughter.  Each workout and race leading up to the big day had a greater purpose than just my own self-centered/driven goals.

I have battled one nagging injury after another this season.  I knew it was coming (perhaps a self-fulfilling prophesy of sorts).  Training at such intensity and no downtime was taking its toll -life as a mom doesn't stop when you walk in the door after a 4 hour workout in 90 degrees of Georgia heat week after week.  Last year my husband worked from home so I could dodge out for workouts while Hayden napped in the afternoon or get a good workout in the morning prior to his heading down…

The Bucket List

I think most people are born with dreams of goals they wish to accomplish.  As children, we don't think twice, we dive in without hesitation.  I remember watching my Hailey at 10 months decide she wanted the banana I was holding.  She stood up and took 3 steps towards me to get it.  She had not been cruizing around furniture to practice, she wasn't fearful, she just went for what she wanted and got it.  Hayden, although it took her until age 3 1/2, was the same way.  She didn't really have an interest in walking - why would she, the child could break records with how fast she could crawl and climb.  One hot August afternoon, we were playing in the backyard when the sprinklers on the golf course behind our house turned on.  With obsessive passion, Hayden had to get to the water -as most know, children with Angelman Syndrome have a bizarre fascination with water.  She started walking straight toward the golf course.  I, of course, started crying and squeeling with excitement…

And we're off...

  For most who know me, I have about a hundred ideas in my head, all flying around in different directions.  I don't sit still for very long, so taking the time to actually organize and write down my thoughts is going to be one of my toughest challenges.  I, however, feel compelled to share our story, the journey our family is undertaking into the world of raising a child with special needs, trying to live a "normal" life for our other child, and squeeze in training and racing in all of our "free" time.  Tune in often to learn more about our Hayden Grace, age 4, who has Angelman Syndrome and what we are doing to use our talents to the fullest to help give her as many opportunities as life has to offer.  This adventure is hard and oftentimes straight uphill, but I know in my heart one day, when we reach the top, we will look back and smile at the path we took to get here -giving it our all every step of the way.