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2015 XTERRA World Championships... the race

For big races, I love to find a song... or have a song find me... that becomes my mantra during a race. I can usually pop it into my head when I am struggling and for a few minutes, it gets me over the hump of mental weakness and pulls me toward the finish line. I was beginning to stress that leading up to Maui, I couldn't find a new song that spoke to me, lifting my feet up and making me want to push harder during those final tough workouts as the seasons began to change in Colorado.

2 days before the race we were cruising around downtown Lahina when I heard it, my new mantra song- "Could Have Been Me" by The Struts. Now, if you check out the YouTube video you might think I am whacked because the video is not the most inspiring, but the lyrics spoke to me. I downloaded it onto my phone and played it on repeat to let it sink in. It really is a great, fun song, but what I didn't plan for was which lyrics would get stuck on re…