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XTERRA Mountain Championships, part 2

Okay, so I rambled away in the previous post, setting the stage for a complete downfall in the XTERRA Mountain Championships in Beaver Creek. I babbled on and on about all the reasons (or excuses) of why the race wouldn't go well for me. Last year, however, I really worked on training my brain to be logical when it came to racing and prerace fears rather than paying attention to the screaming chimp (thank Simon Marshall for that depiction) inside my head that sends all the buzzers off, calling "May Day, May Day, you are sinking, you are drowning, you are going to die!!! What were you thinking signing up for this? You are totally out of your league, girlfriend. Abort, Abort! Go home NOW."

Two things I learned last year during my Ironman training... 1. You really can silence your inner chimp, face those fears, and come out victorious on the other end.  2. Being a mom of a child with special needs teaches you how to dig deeper, be tougher, fight harder, and not give up even…